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Academic and analytical service providing maths tuition, CPD training courses and ROI. In-person and online tutoring in London.

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About Analogos

- A sense of proportion


  • PGCE (Secondary) in Mathematics – Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) – Manchester Metropolitan University

  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology – Abertay University

  • Commercial Finance Analyst – Stagecoach Bus

  • SKE in Mathematics – Manchester Metropolitan University


Full day and half-day training courses.

  • As a CPD member, Analogos delivers continuous professional development via training courses that promote meritocracy over equity and diversity.

  • Aimed at any group, business, or institution, regardless of industry or sector, that believes in prioritising competence.


In-person and online tutoring for casual learners to A-Level maths, in London and surrounding areas.



  • The goal at Analogos, is to make concepts that are regarded as complicated appear more straightforward, by providing a balanced approach and avoiding unnecessarily complicated processes.

  • The step-by-step method with an emphasis on writing down every line of working, not only helps ingrain the stages and knowledge underlying each concept, but ensures every mark available is accounted for.

  • A patient, yet relentless approach has worked well for those originally struggling with confidence and understanding.


Request maths instructional videos tailored to your own needs.

  • Specify the number of questions and level of difficulty required.

  • Every level from casual learner to A-level Maths catered for.

  • Ideal for individual learners or in the classroom setting.


Return On Investment (ROI) for new projects and marketing campaigns in the travel sector. 

  • Calculated via Net Income Method - revenue generated from the new content/service, minus the cost of investment.

  • Using a mathematical approach, this in-depth analysis establishes the impact of marketing campaigns and new services via econometric modelling, multiple regression, correlations, and statistically significant differences.

Services available

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Casual learners to A-Level maths tutoring available to book



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Equality of Opportunity Vs Equality of Outcome

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Bespoke Maths Videos

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Request personal Maths instructional videos
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Modern Train


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ROI reports will be available to book soon

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